8 Quietest Fans for Sleeping: Options for Bedroom, Home, and Office

If you can’t sleep at night or you can’t focus on work because you’re feeling sweaty, a fan can help you with that. However, fans can be quite noisy and that can also be a problem when it comes to sleeping or working. Luckily, quiet fans exist and today, we will help you find a silent fan for your bedroom, home, or office. 

Technology is constantly evolving and we benefit greatly from that because it means products are always improving. Fans are not the exception, which is why there are so many great options. Such as bladeless fans, brushless motors, streamlined air channels, and vortex technology, to mention a few. 

You will be able to find the quietest fan for sleeping or working without an issue, there’s no shortage of options on the market. They come in different styles and designs, so it won’t be difficult to find the right size and shape for the space. 

It’s very important to make sure the fan you choose is truly quiet, which is why we have made this guide! We will walk you through what you should look for in a quiet fan, explore the different types of fans, and provide a list of the best quietest fan options on the market. You can also make use of white noise machines if your existing fans or any other noise is bothering you.

Best Quietest fans for Sleeping, office, bedroom

What to Look for in a Quiet Fan?

If you want a quiet fan for sleeping or working, you need to be aware of the noise level you should expect from a silent fan. Of course, there are many types of quiet fans and the noise level will vary depending on the design, but we will review the different types of quietest fans later on. 

In general, you should expect from 35dB to 70dB; this is the average noise level of a silent fan. Otherwise, it won’t be truly silent. 

The quietest bedroom fan you’ll be able to find is around 25dB. However, these fans are very expensive, so they won’t be an option for everyone. That doesn’t mean you can’t find a quiet fan at your price range. 

Here are some of the most important factors to consider when looking at options to make sure you get a truly quiet fan: 

Noise Level (dB)

The most important factor to consider is the noise level the fan produces. The noise range of the fan refers to the decibels it produces on its highest and lowest speed settings. This is what gives you an idea of how noisy the fan will be. 

So, it’s very important to look for the decibels in the product description. Some manufacturers will provide the decibels for the maximum setting while others will offer a range. Either way, make sure it’s between 35dB (or less) and 70dB.

Maximum Air Flow 

Fan manufacturers often provide specifications about the airflow of their fans. They measure it in cubic feet per minute (CFM) or liters per second. This will tell you the volume of air that the fan can move in a minute. 

The higher the CFM, the more air the fan will be able to move, but it also means the fan will be noisy. When you’re looking for a quiet fan for your bedroom, home, or office, it’s important to find low dB and low CFM as well. This creates the perfect balance. You can make use of this calculator if need be.


If your bedroom, office, or any other space is limited, you need to know the size of the fan base. Especially if you plan on buying a quiet floor fan, this will help you make sure it will fit properly.

This way, you can use the quietest fan without any issues. So, take the extra step of measuring the available space and write it down so you can find the right type of silent fan for your space. 

Controls and Timers

Silent fans feature controls and timers, which are very useful. The controls will allow you to choose the speed, power, oscillation, and more. You can also find quiet fans with timers, so you can set them to automatically turn off. 

Some quietest fan models include operating cycles, which reduce the power and speed over time during that cycle. This can be super helpful throughout the day, but mostly during the night because the speed will slow down throughout your sleep cycle, keeping you comfortable all night. 


Whether you’re looking for a quiet fan for the bedroom, office, or any room in your home, portability is very important. It will give you the option of moving the quiet fan around the house as you see fit. 

The smaller the quiet fan is, the more portable it will be. For example, clip-on fans are super light and easy to carry, while pedestal fans tend to be heavier and bigger, therefore more difficult to move around. So, you have to choose the right type of fan for your needs. 

Speed Options

When you’re looking for the quietest fan for sleeping or working, you need to make sure it has good speed options. This will help you choose the level of airflow for any given point of the day.

Speed level also affects noise level. So, for example, you can choose a higher speed while you’re awake and a slower speed at night. You just need to make sure the quiet fan is powerful enough to keep you cool at different speed settings. 

Additional Features

Last but not least, you should consider any additional features you might need. Some of the newest quiet fan designs come with remote controls and even Bluetooth. Being able to adjust the speed without getting up is a nice feature to have. 

One of the most useful additional features is oscillation. When a fan can turn from side to side, it distributes the direction of airflow and disperses the breeze a lot better in the space. 

An LED display is also a nice feature because it makes it easier for users to read the settings. The display will turn off automatically, so the lights don’t bother you. Pivoting heads and adjustable height are useful features as well, which allow you to modify airflow as you see fit. 

Types of Quietest Fans and Their Pros and Cons

There are many types of quiet fans on the market, so it’s important to consider each option carefully. This will help you choose the best quiet fan for your needs. To help with that, here are the types of quiet fan and their pros and cons:

Table Fan

A table quiet fan is easily the best type of fan for an office, but you can use them anywhere in your home. They’re portable, convenient, durable, and very easy to use. 

Another great benefit is that table fans have a wider reach and they offer equal air distribution. However, a table fan is not without its drawbacks. They can be difficult to clean and may consume a lot of energy. 


  • Portable.
  • Easy to rotate.
  • Convenient.
  • Available in different shapes and sizes.
  • Better air distribution.
  • Wider reach.
  • Highly durable. 


  • They consume a lot of energy.
  • It can be difficult to clean.
  • The cords can be a hassle.
  • Kids should keep away due to the risk of an accident.

Tower Fan

Tower fans are efficient and silent, and they don’t take up much space. This is a good quiet fan for the bedroom or living room. They are tall and narrow, and the design is sleek and compact. 

They can keep a large area fresh because they blow air at a 90-degree angle. Tower fans consume less power and they’re portable. However, not all models are durable and you can’t control airflow direction that much. 


  • Quiet fan. 
  • Don’t take up much space.
  • Compact.
  • Portable and versatile. 
  • Can keep large areas cool. 


  • You won’t have much control of airflow direction. 
  • You have to face the fan in the direction you want to keep cool.
  • Not all models are durable.

Pedestal Fan

Pedestal fans are another great option. They have a great cooling ability and they’re also very versatile. They are oscillating fans and they are tall, hence the name pedestal fan. 

Because they are oscillating, they offer a better distribution of air. They are also portable so that you can move them to any area in your home or office. However, they’re not the best-looking quiet fans and they’re not the best option for limited space.


  • Good airflow control.
  • Versatile and portable.
  • Oscillating.
  • Powerful.
  • Can cover a greater area.


  • Not fit for small spaces.
  • Not super aesthetic.
  • They can be knocked over by pets or children.
  • Cords can be a hassle. 

Wall Mounted Fan

Wall-mounted quiet fans are a great option if your floor space is very limited and you can’t have a tower or pedestal fan. They are compact, so they’re a good option for small offices or bedrooms. 

They save a lot of space and they also help circulate air conditioning. They have remote control options, are durable, and feature different speed settings. However, they can be difficult to clean, they’re not portable, and if they don’t feature a remote control, it can be annoying to turn them on and off each time.


  • Compact design.
  • They save a lot of space.
  • Wider airflow. 
  • Small children and pets can’t reach it.
  • You can control wind direction.


  • They’re not portable.
  • Cleaning them is difficult and time-consuming.
  • Without remote control, it’s annoying to turn on and off.

Bladeless Fan

Bladeless fans feature a hollow loop instead of blades and they have a sleek, modern design. They are elongated and create a strong airflow. Additionally, they have a filtrating and ionizer system. 

A quiet bladeless fan is a great option to keep your home or office fresh. However, bladeless fans are on the expensive side, which is the biggest drawback. 


  • Modern design.
  • Elongated shape.
  • Novelty appliance.
  • Stronger airflow.
  • Safer than other types of fans.


  • They are very expensive.

There are other types of quiet fans, but these are the best options for your bedroom, home, or office. Now, let’s see some of the best quiet fans on the market. 

8 Quietest Fans for Sleeping: Options for Bedroom, Home, and Office

Quietest Fan for Your Sleeping/Bedroom and Home

In this section, we will look at some of the best tower and pedestal fans for your bedroom or any other room in your home. These options are powerful and can keep any room cool and fresh. 

The designs are sleek and minimal, and you’ll find options for all budgets. Additionally, they’re easy to move around the house, which makes them super versatile. 

Lasko Portable Electric Tower Fan

Lasko Portable Electric Tower Fan for Sleeping/Bedroom

Lasko’s portable tower fan is a great quiet fan for your bedroom or any other space in your home. It has an elegant, modern design, so it will look good while doing its job. It’s an oscillating silent fan that produces a cool airflow. It features low, medium, and high speeds, so it’s very versatile. 

It has a nighttime setting that dims the control display and the speed adjusts automatically each hour. It can also turn off automatically and it comes with remote control. Overall, it’s a good option. 


  • 3-speed settings.
  • Oscillating fan.
  • 46 to 51 decibels.
  • Carrying handle.
  • Compact, elegant design.
  • Remote control.
  • Versatile and portable.


  • A bit heavier than other fans.
  • Could be quieter.

Honeywell Advanced QuietSet Stand Fan

Honeywell Advanced QuietSet Stand Quietest Fan for Sleeping/Bedroom

If you’re looking for a quiet fan, this fan from Amazon is one of the best options. It’s a standing oscillating fan with a 16” pedestal with an ultra-quiet operation. It can cool a wide area, so it’s ideal for medium to large rooms, living rooms, and other home areas. 

It features a remote control, 5 power settings, a sleep setting, and an automatic off-timer. The design is simple, so it will look good. You can adjust the height and power however you see fit and the build is quite sturdy for the price. 


  • 5 power settings.
  • Adjustable pedestal.
  • Ultra-quiet operation.
  • Sleeping setting.
  • Auto-off timer.
  • Great airflow. 
  • Oscillation.


  • Not the most powerful option.
  • It has a bit of a hum.

PELONIS Oscillating Pedestal Fan

PELONIS Oscillating Pedestal Fan

This option from PELONIS is one of the best when it comes to pedestal fans. It is ultra-quiet and energy-efficient. It has a DC silent motor and the noise level goes as low as 38 dB. It features a timer, a remote control, and it’s oscillating. 

This quiet fan features 12-speed settings and a 12-hour timer design. This means you will be able to adjust the breeze as you see fit. The design is simple, it has an LED display, an 85° oscillation angle, and a 24° tilt angle. Overall, a great choice. 


  • 12-speed setting.
  • 12-hour sleep timer.
  • Great airflow.
  • Nice design.
  • LED display.
  • Remote control.
  • Oscillation.


  • Assembly can be a bit of a hassle.

Dreo Oscillating Bladeless Tower Fan

Dreo Oscillating Bladeless Tower Quietest Fan

Last but not least in this section, the Dreo oscillating tower fan is another great quietest fan option to consider. The design is very modern and it distributes air very effectively. 

It was a wide 90-degree oscillation angle, 6 wind speeds, and 4 modes, including a sleep mode. This bladeless design is nice and quiet, and features a LED display, control remote, and built-in timer. 


  • 90-degree oscillation.
  • Sleep timer.
  • Remote control.
  • 6 wind speeds.
  • 4 settings.
  • 40 decibels.


  • The base is kind of lightweight.

Quietest Fans for Office

In this section, we will look at some of the best table and wall-mounted quiet desks. If you’re looking for a silent fan for your office or home office, these options will be perfect. 

These desk fans have a minimal design and are powerful enough to keep you cool while working so you can maintain your focus and be more productive. 

Tredy TurboForce Desk Fan

Tredy TurboForce Desk Fan for Office

The Tredy TurboForce desk fan is one of the best quiet fans for your office. It doesn’t have oscillation or a timer, which is why it’s not a great choice for the bedroom, but it has a 90-degree vertical tilt so you can adjust it to your liking. 

The noise level is 27 decibels, which means it is a silent fan, and it features 3-speed settings. The design is nice and modern, so it won’t stick out like a sore thumb on your desk. 


  • 90-degree vertical angle.
  • 27 decibels.
  • It can circulate air up to 27 feet.
  • 3-speed settings.
  • Compact, modern design.


  • No sleep timer.
  • No oscillation. 

Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Desk Fan

Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Desk Fan for Office

This quiet fan from Amazon is small but powerful, so it’s perfect for your desk or any other table, and you can also mount it to a wall. It has a pivoting head that you can easily adjust and it circulates air up to 25 feet. It’s not too expensive at all and it has a nice cooling effect. 

It has a modern, simple design, and it’s aerodynamic. It’s a small fan, so it’s perfect for any small to medium office. It has 3-speed settings and it is energy efficient. You can carry it anywhere very easily and the noise range is only 25 decibels. 


  • 3-speed settings.
  • 90-degree angle.
  • Air circulates up to 25 feet.
  • 25 decibels.
  • Cooling effect. 
  • Super affordable.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Can be wall-mounted.


  • No oscillation.
  • Will only work well for small and medium spaces.

Dyson Air AM06 Table Fan

Dyson Air AM06 Table Fan

The Dyson Air AM06 desk fan is a modern-looking quiet fan with high velocity. The main feature is the patented Air Multiplier technology, which delivers cooling airflow. It’s a bladeless silent fan with a lovely ring shape that creates a nice airflow. 

It’s perfect for your office and home office! It has a remote control for convenience and it’s magnetized, so you can stick it to the fan’s body when you’re not using it. It features 10 settings, oscillation, and an automatic shutoff timer. Overall, this is a desk fan that has it all. 


  • 10-speed settings.
  • Timer.
  • Magnetized remote control.
  • Oscillation.
  • Air Multiplier technology.
  • High-velocity airflow.
  • Cool design.
  • Bladeless.
  • Lightweight. 


  • A bit louder than other options.
  • Expensive.

Vornado Pivot Personal Fan

Vornado Pivot Personal Fan

Last but not least, we have this unique and affordable desk fan! It’s a silent fan with a really nice design that’s available in different colors. It features Vornado’s Vortex air circulation, which makes airflow more efficient. The design is sleek and has flair, so it’s a great way to make your office space more interesting. 

This quiet fan is compact, so it will do well not just on your desk, but also on your kitchen counter, nightstand, or any other space. The pivoting axis allows you to adjust the direction of the airflow and it features 3-speed settings. 


  • Vortex air circulation.
  • Efficient airflow.
  • Stylish and modern design.
  • Compact and versatile.
  • Pivoting axis to adjust airflow. 
  • 3 power settings.
  • Good warranty.
  • Affordable.


  • It could be quieter.
  • It can skid across the surface.

Conclusion on Quietest Fans for Sleeping/Bedroom and office

Each of the quiet fans on our list is a great option! Any of them will make you happy, you just have to consider your needs when you’re browsing through the options. Whether you’re looking for a quiet bedroom fan or a quiet office fan, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here. 

Some quiet fans are more expensive than others, but you will be able to find a good option within your budget. We have included a wide range of top-quality quiet fans that you won’t have trouble choosing from for your bedroom or office. 

Just make sure you read the descriptions carefully and choose the one that has all the essential features you need. We reviewed all the most important factors you should consider at the beginning of the article, so you can use that as a guide to browse through the options. 

Finding the right quiet fan is very important, so take your time. Once you do, you won’t wake up in the middle of the night in sweat or have trouble focusing on your work ever again. Especially not during the summer, which brings hot days and nights that can be difficult to get through!

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