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Best White Noise Machines For Office & Cubicle Privacy | Mask Sounds!

In this post, I’ll walk you through how white noise works and some of the Best White Noise Machines for your office and cubicle privacy.


Don’t you just hate it when you’re having personal conversations and everyone else in your office can hear them?

Are you sick and tired of unwanted annoying noise from a lot of people around you in your office?

Just Imagine: You’re at your office space with some workload and suddenly someone beside you starts singing a song, a guy in the front cabin having loud conversations and you can’t concentrate on your work.

Does this sound familiar?

Here it gets worse:

An office of open-concept makes the every noise a bit louder.

And the worst part? You’re not interested in listening to this kind of noise.

Does this look familiar?

We’ve all been there. I know the feeling.

Let’s jump right in.

Firstly I’ll explain to you the science behind white noise and how it cancels the office noise.

Secondly, I’ll go through the factors you need to consider while purchasing the white noise machine for office.

Finally, I’ll walk you through the reviews of some of the best Office White noise machines in the market and a Survey report to help you purchase the best.

Without any further ado, let’s get the show on the road.

What is White Noise and How it Works?

Study shows that a human brain works at its best when it has some kind of background noise.

You may know: Many people feel comfortable at work while listening to some music or maybe to an episode of game of thrones.

On the other hand:

Doesn’t matter how concentrated you’re towards your work, clear sound of someone talking beside you can disturb you.

To put it in simple words: If you’re ever to a sports stadium, you can listen to someone talking beside you. But when you try to listen to other sounds you’ll hear single mixed roar sound of the crowd.

Here’s the point:

The first type of sound can distract you.

And the second type can’t. Moreover, it masks the first type of noises and produces a workable environment for you.

White noise is caused by combining many noises into one. These machines produce white noises such that it’ll mask all other noises into a single sound.

But, here’s the interesting thing: These white noise machines not only mask the unwanted sounds but also don’t have any melody or lyrics that you’ll happen to sing along with it.

Your brain just ignores that sound.

This may sound odd to you. But it’ll bring down the background brain activity.

So, it works this way: It’ll produce a mixed version of all humanly audible sounds ranging from 20 Hz to 2000 Hz so that you can completely focus on a single task with hearing to external sounds.

Here’s a beautiful picture describing how a white Noise Machine works.

How White Noise Machine Works

Now: You’ve got your own reasons to have your own sound masking machine at your office space. Eventually, you’ll noise the increase in your productivity.

Even if you’re the business owner who wants to create the best environment for your employees, then having a white noise machine will be your best go.

How To Choose Your White Noise Machine for your Office

Well, you just can’t buy by searching White Noise Machine online on an e-commerce website. It’s a no brainer to look for the features.

And it’s not something you already have in your life. So most probably you don’t know what to consider while purchasing a sound masking machine.

Don’t worry! I’m here with the things you MUST consider while buying a White Noise Machine so that it best fits your office place.

  • Quality and Volume of Sound
  • Portability
  • Price
  • Appearance

And many more. Don’t worry I’ll provide insights about every factor about your purchase.

Quality and Volume of Sound

So, as a basic feature, you will consider the quality of sound being produced by the white noise machine.

Either way, you don’t want any machine that produces annoying sounds and irritates not only you but also your co-workers who’re as much irritated as you.

This important because you’re going to add another sound-producing machine into your surrounding.

Pro Tip: Go for Acoustic white noise machines or sound conditioners instead of usual electric white noise machines while purchasing to have the best quality.

You can also look for those which offer other sounds than white noise, but having the said one is primary. Better if you can find the one with few volume settings too.


It is not going to bother you if you’re a business owner as you can place at one place the whole time. You can just look for the quality and ignoring the size.

But if you’re an employee, then surely you want a portable one so that you can carry along with you between the office and home.


Definitely, you’re going to consider this factor unless you’re the business owner. You don’t want this sound masking machine to eat away your fortune.

Don’t worry!

I’ll be reviewing the white noise machines within $50 that best fits your budget. At the same time won’t compromise on the quality of the product.

I’ll also review a few high-end machines(not more than $100) to meet the ends for the employers and those can splurge.


Not many people will care about the appearance of this kind of machines. But some do. Independent of the tastes, you’ll definitely want your white noise machine to fit your work environment.

A machine with some weird flashy appearance will definitely grab the attention of your boss. So, ask yourself, does it ruin the professional environment at your office?.

Don’t worry! I’m going to review only which best suits the office environment.

Reviews of Best Office White Noise Machines 2019

So, we’ve finally arrived at the point you’ve been waiting for this long. Without any further ado, here I’ll present you the best White Noise Machines for offices.

Our Top 5 Best White Noise Machines

Hard to choose between them?

Don’t worry!

I have got a survey report from a reputed source, about the feedback of those who’ve used the fore mentioned white noise machines at their office spaces.

The survey was of 25,149 consumers after a minimum usage period of 3 months.

They’ve given their feedback between A+ and C- for 12 individual features about the white noise machine they’ve purchased.

Allow me to present the Survey report. This report speaks 1000 words. Just go through each machine and the feedback about each feature.

Big Red Rooster Snooz Machine Lectro Fan Marpac Dohm Sound + Sleep
Sample size 5,660 3,510 7,791 6,947 3,241
Owner satisfaction C+ A A B+ C
Price / affordable A C- B- B- D
Reliability C A B+ B- C
Volume potential B B- A B C+
Variety of sounds C C B+ D B+
Nature sound quality C B- N/A* N/A* B+
White noise quality C B- A- A- A
Sound loop not noticeable** B- A+ A A+ A-
Timer A A C+ N/A* A
Display not too bright B B+ A+ A+ A-
Appearance C B B+ B+ C+
Footprint B A A C- D
Can run on batteries Yes Yes No No No
USB charging No No Yes No No


N/A* means that particular feature is not available in that particular product.

Sound loop not noticeable** Some digital white noise machines play the loop of white noise recordings. If one can notice the starting point and end of the loop, then it can be distracting to a few people.


I’ll review each of the above mentioned white noise machines.

Marpac Dohm Classic

Only a few years back white noise machines are questionable at their best. They were called a totally waste of money. Then, Marpac came with their series of White Noise machines which changed the concept of white noise forever. This Dohm Classic is Marpac’s Best of the best.

Marpac Dohm Classic White noise machine

Marpac Dohm Classic makes our list not only just because they’re the first in their kind in the market. But reliability and customer satisfaction.

If you read any Marpac Dohm review from other real users, they are all pleased with the performance and quality of the Dohm. This simple yet elegant model produces white noise by two fans rotated at two possible speeds.

Unlike the digital ones which produce white noise by speakers, this machine produces the original noise inside the machine. You can adjust the tone by rotating the upper casing.

Marpac’s machine is available in white, black, grey and tan. So, choose the one which best suits your office environment.

The below pros and cons should give you the best final touch about this machine.

  • Super Simple Handling & reliable design

  • Adjustable Sound Control

  • 2 levels of Volume Available

  • One Year Warranty

  • Marpac’s signature “Dohm” noise

  • Great customer service from Marpac

  • One of the Best Seller

  • No USB Power Option

  • No Timer Feature

  • No Variable levels of Volume (2 levels only)

  • No natural Sounds

  • Mechanical Parts may get damaged easily when compared to digital one.

Snooz White Noise Sound Machine

Great products come at a great price. This machine is nothing less. Having a glance at its features will make you feel that the price is quite reasonable.

Snooz white noise machine

I’m not fussing but an app to control your White noise machine which works with a brush-less durable electric motor driving a computer-designed internal fan to deliver great natural white noise is something to talk about.

Just like the fore-mentioned Marpac Dohm, Snooz machine also changes the tone while rotating the upper casing.

Want to change the tone? Just rotate the upper casing.

You can also use the touch controls on the machine and vary the sound between 10 volume levels that ranges between 48 dB to 87 dB.

Want to know the best part?

This machine gives you amazing compatibility by its app(available for both IOS and Android) which connects the device with Bluetooth.

SNooz machine phone app
Using Snooz Machine with an app.

It also has an auto timer feature. You can handle the machine without even moving.

But after all this, we can say any white noise machine with kinda features will worth that money.

Make sure you go through these pros and cons before making a decision.

  • Natural white noise production

  • Smart phone controlled machine(IOS & Android) using bluetooth

  • 10 level volume adjustment

  • Significantly low power consumption i.e., 9 Watts

  • Simple operation using touch controls

  • Great performance with auto-scheduling feature

  • Great for multi-purpose use

  • Nursery calibration and long life brush-less motor

  • Slightly expensive

  • No USB Power Option

  • Restricted to 10 levels of Volume

  • No wifi option

LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine

Looking for the best in the business? If so, you’ll not find a better white noise machine than LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine, just perfectly made for your office environment.

LectroFan White Noise Machine

Want to know how it made to top of my list?

Keep reading.

LectroFan uses modern solid-state electronics along with a responsive central speaker to produce effective, soothing white noise,

That’s pretty great for an office.

What impressed me much about this machine is a variety of noises it can produce.

20 different sounds which include 10 fan sounds (box fan, oscillating fan, mellow-sounding fan etc.) and 10 ambient sounds which include pink noise, brown noise.

In case you don’t about pink and brown noises, they’re similar to white noise, the only difference is they’ve more balance between the high and low ends of the spectrum.

Similar to its competitors, the LectroFan has good volume and auto-off timer options. However, the timer has only a 60 minutes option. As you’re using the LectroFan for office use, this should not bother you.

This great product also comes with AC and USB charging, you can easily use it your workplace.

  • Works with both AC & USB power

  • No mechanical parts(Not prone to damage)

  • High-fidelity speaker design

  • 20 Sounds(10 fan sounds + 10 ambient sounds)

  • Great Volume Adjustment controls

  • Light-weight & portable

  • Low power consumption

  • No Natural Sounds like rain or wind

  • Non-adjustable timer(60 mins only)


Adaptive Sound Technologies had been producing top quality white noise products for a very long time. Apparently, as one of the leading manufacturers, every new product carries new innovative ideas and the latest technology to assure your comfort and results. The Sound+Sleep machine is no exception, it will give you the best work environment.

Sound+Sleep Office White Noise Machine

This professional looking machine will surely one of the interesting choices. The top is completely covered by a speaker which plays high fidelity non-looping sounds.

I was surprised by the variety of sounds and the super simple controls to use the machine. It can produce 10 sounds including 5 nature sounds and 4 ambient sounds and the standard white noise.

sound masking machine features

Want to know the best part?

It comes with the “adaptive” feature. If switched on, then the white noise level is adjusted to the noise level in your room.

Interesting, isn’t it? If someone in your office speaks loudly, then the white noise level will automatically level up.

On the other hand, the “richness” feature allows you to set the content in each track. Depending upon the level you set when this richness mode on, it will add the ambient noise to it.

It also has an auto-off timer which allows you to set the timer to one of 30,60,90,120 minutes.

One downside of this machine is, it has only one outlet, that means no batteries or USB cables.

  • 10 Sound Options(5 nature sounds+ 5 ambient sounds)

  • Low power Consumption

  • Good auto-off timer

  • Great Volume Controls

  • Adaptive & Richness Options

  • No USB Power Option

  • Little-bit bulky

Big Red Rooster

If you’re looking for a branded, efficient and cheap white noise machine for your office privacy, the Big Red Rooster is likely your ultimate choice.

Big Red Rooster white noise machine for office

Though the price should not be the dominant factor of your buying decision it is always nice to get a great deal. No matter what the price is, the right machine is the right machine.

It comes with the price of an entry-level machine but boasts features similar to a high-end machine. So, if this is the kind of white noise machine you’re looking for why pay more when you can get it for less.

Big Rooster can generate 5 nature sounds other than white noise. Won’t you love these: rain, brook, ocean, thunder, summer night sounds?

These super simple buttons will allow you to choose your favourite sound also a self-off timer to choose the range between 15,30 and 60 minutes or even whole time.

sound masking machine top view

This machine is powered by an AC adaptor or 3 AA batteries. The included AC adapter is designed to work at 110-240V which is absolutely perfect for international travel.

The only downside I’d like to share for this machine is its sound quality. It can’t compete with its high-end mates, but still worth much more than what you pay.

Just go through the pros and cons before making your decision.

  • Battery powered

  • Highly Portable & Travel ready(small size)

  • 6 Sound Options

  • Low power Consumption

  • Low Price

  • Good auto-off timer

  • Great Volume Controls

  • No Color options

  • No USB Power Option

  • Limited Sound choices

  • Medium sound Quality

Final Words on Sound Masking Machine

Hopefully, I’ve given you some insight on what white noise is and reviews a few best white noise machines to help you with office cubicle privacy. Also, those feedbacks from 25,149 consumers should help you.

I tried to cover machines in all price ranges so that you could buy the one that best fits your budget. If you work in a small cubicle, then a cheap machine can do the work for you.

I hope my effort helps! If you’ve any questions or tips for other readers, you can leave them in the comment section below

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