How to soundproof your Baby room- nursery

Quieten The Nursery: How To Soundproof your Baby’s Room

When it comes to soundproofing your Baby’s room, you’re about to do one of the best things to your baby.

If you’re looking for some practical ways to quieten your nursery, then you’ll love this infographic.

It’s a simple easy-to-do list that’ll give you an idea on how you can soundproof your nursery.

How to soundproof your Baby room- nursery

Here’s my take on Soundproofing your Baby’s room infographic.

But before going to the solution.


“In the first 12 months of a child’s life, moms and dads sleep 59 per cent less than the recommended eight hours a night, losing the equivalent of 50 nights of sleep”

Reputed magazine report

That fact won’t surprise you if you’re already a parent. But if you aren’t, then definitely, you’re about to or maybe started to feel like hell because of your child’s sleeping patterns.

There is no denying that babies are precious miracles. They’re innocent and cute. You want to ensure that they’re safe and secure all the times by providing the best environment to them, at any cost.

Babies are needed to be kept in calm and quiet surroundings so that they can sleep and spend time peacefully.

It gets worse:

Outside noises such as noise birds, busy roads or barking dogs, it doesn’t matter its source, but it’s going to disturb your baby’s sleep.


If your baby is not having a minimum amount of sleep. Then you really need to work on his surrounding environment.

So, providing the best calm environment may not be that easy sometimes, especially if you are living in an apartment, then you have so many things to deal with.

What’s the bottom line?

You need to soundproof your baby’s room right now!

At first, it may seem like a lot of work, but trust me, it can be done with a little effort. Moreover, it HAS to be done.

You’ll be probably in a dilemma like:

Should I really need to soundproof?

Is it mandatory?

What if I won’t?

Cool down buddy. I’ve answer, i.e. a big YESS.



Why should you soundproof your baby room?

Where do I even start. There are various reasons why you should consider soundproofing your baby room.

For your Baby’s Well-being

This would be the reason for your presence here.

Let’s start with it:

The thing we all knew is:

Babies cry. Crying isn’t their habit. They do it for a particular reason they’re uncomfortable with. They may do this for thousands of reasons, that maybe hunger, fear etc.x

But, that thing is not going to stop you from taking care of your baby. You want to give your baby as much happiness and safety as possible.

Still, it’s not always up to you to control all things. You could keep your baby happy, clean, fed all day.

But, the things you can’t control like:

Your residence in a noisy environment. Then, you can’t keep the whole building quiet for your baby.

Then, what can you do? Soundproofing is the solution.

You should do this as soon as possible. If you can do prior to birth, even better.

Moreover, the continuous noises like noise from the television or outside work can have a harmful long term effect on your baby’s brain. It will permanently alter their brain development.

But here’s the kicker:

Your baby isn’t going to be one of them as you’re here already.

For your Neighbors

If you have neighbours, then it’s definitely going to be one of the reason to soundproof. For you and your family, your baby maybe whole world.


Your neighbours aren’t going to be one of them. They have their own problems to deal with. You can’t expect them to whisper, make things sound low or whatever, just because it would wake up your child.

For Yourself

Yes. It’s you. You have a life, a job, and eventually you need to sleep. You just can’t live a mute life, you need to move around the house, talk to your spouse, or want to watch television once in a while. And at the same time you don’t want to disturb your baby’s sleep.

Since babies are super sensitive, it really doesn’t matter how quiet your neighbours are. Every sound is some kind of threat to your baby. As you can’t build walls around your baby, what else you can do?

Well, moms and dads, you’re a bit lucky! I’m here with a detailed guide with working tips that will help you keep your baby happy which eventually make you happy too.

Before going to the external ways of quietening the baby’s room, you’ll be interested in making the environment comfortable from the baby’s perspective.

Yeah! We can do that as well.

How To Make your Baby Self Comfortable

Not many people know that a baby starts hearing sounds since she is in mother’s womb. There she is comfortable with the whooshing sounds.

If we’re able to replicate that sounds, then Boom.. Your baby will get comfortable with the environment assuming the same situation as in mother’s womb.

White Noise: Babys may respond to them as they resemble the same sounds in the mother’s womb. The sounds from air-conditioner, vacuum cleaner can also be included in the list.

Okay, let’s start with simplest things:

How To Soundproof Your Baby’s Room

Decorate your Baby’s Room

You’ve bought – done something which needs high knowledge, but did you know you can soundproof your nursery while you decorate?

It’s a well-known fact that sound echo more in empty spaces.

So, the key here is filling up the room.

Arranging the bookcases is the great way to do so. They fill the empty spaces and no need to décor further.

If you don’t have them, still it’s absolutely fine. There are a number of alternatives to decor your nursery.

  • Using decorative quilts is another way to soundproof and decorate your nursery. They’re best at both of them.
  • Hanging large canvas arts can be a great idea.
  • If possible, find some fabric painting or create new art work with other children’s help.
  • Using acoustic panels and soundproof curtains is also very effective which are further illustrated down here.
  • Even a thick wallpaper is also very helpful.

NOTE: Thicker the material, the better it is at soundproofing.  So, quilts and curtains can perform better than wallpapers and canvas.

Rearrange the furniture.

Have a detailed look at the arrangement of your baby’s room. If there isn’t any furniture except crib, then you’ve got something to do.

Here’s key: Emptier the room is, louder the echo will be.

Don’t worry, you can do these easy things.

Here’s the deal:

  • If your crib is placed near a shared wall, then you need to shift it to the other side of the room.
  • If possible, add a shelf and if you’ve nothing else to put, then you can even fill them with stuffed animals.
  • Make sure your crib is as far as possible from the walls, behind which there are noisy applications away from the baby’s room.
  • If possible, add more furniture like rocking chair or even a sofa will be great.
  • As mentioned in previous tip, adding a bookcase is the best thing you can do.

Believe me, these simple things will matter.

Get a sound dohm

Before entering to this, you should know: Not all noises are bad.

There is the common misconception that a baby’s room has to be completely quiet.  However, it’s false.  Studies have proved that white noise have calming effect which in the sense, very good.

Coming to the point, a sound dohm is a device that produces fan noise without blowing any air. So, here it is used to mask the outside noise so that the baby doesn’t get disturb.

A Sound dohm from Amazon

So, if you have one, then you and your whole family doesn’t need to sneak all the time and will improve your baby’s sleep.

There are a number of dohms to choose from, in the market. Among them, with over 14,000 positive reviews and for under $50 price. the marpac sound Dohm is probably the best option to ever buy.

While using a white noise machine, place it away from the baby. Use only at low volume and limited period of time.

Do some Carpeting

Since most of the people have the hard floors in their interior design, the sound bounces back easily and so will cause an echo. Produces creaking clacking sound even when someone walks across it. So, not only noise within the room, but also noise from upstairs and downstairs will get amplified.

In addition, within a matter of time, as your baby grows, you will be no longer keeping your baby in cot. Baby will crawl all around the room.

So, adding a carpet is a MUST for two good reasons:

  1. Soundproof your baby room or nursery
  2. Provide a soft and warm floor for your baby to crawl around.

Wall-to-wall carpeting is a great way to reduce noise will be little pricy. So, instead, you could cut down costs by laying some decorative rugs. You should buy a rug which will cover the majority of the room.

A wool rug will provide much better sound insulation than a cotton one.

So, you should look for a [[good wool rug]], instead of a cotton one. Which will eventually make your baby feel free to roam without any tiptoeing.

It is important to clean your carpet and take good care of it. Or else your baby might end up with skin allergies or even severe diseases too.

The soundproof Baby room door

If you haven’t noticed yet, the front doors of houses and apartments are pretty thick, while the ones inside are usually much thin and hollow. You can even talk through them, I’m not talking about the gaps (I’ve solution for them too), but the sound conduction of that hollow doors.

Then, what can you do?

Choice-1: if possible, buy a thicker door

If you can do this, then it’s great. You can get a custom thicker door designed as per proper measurements of your existing door. Apart from being expensive, you need to take the permission of house owner (if rented). So, I recommend soundproofing the existing door.

Choice -2: Or, you can go with soundproofing the existing door

To be precise, soundproofing the existing door is much easier and budget friendly than buying a thicker one. Buying few items and attaching will take you pretty less money and efforts.

Firstly, easiest of all, sealing your doors with some soundproofing as well as weatherproofing kits (that you can get on amazon) will make a hell of difference. If you’ve [[this kit]] which easily seals doors and also windows, will not only keep noise from outside to minimum, but also keep your baby warm all the times.

If you have some more budget for your little angel, then you can go for ((soundproof blankets(guide))). These are easy to use blankets which you can hang to the door with the grommets which come along with it. It can also be further used for other rooms for both sound and thermal insulation, as it is portable.

Believe me adding mass to doors by hanging blankets is definitely do the magic.  Feel free to learn more about ((soundproof blankets)) and ((soundproofing door)).

Soundproof your Baby’s room windows – Double Glazing

You can control the noise coming from inside the building, but what will you do to the noise coming from outside?

You can’t control the traffic and weather conditions, right?

So, what can we do?

How can we control the amount of noise leaks into our baby’s room?

The best thing to do for soundproofing windows is using some ((Soundproof curtains (full guide))). Soundproof curtains not only will do reduce the outside noise, but also keeps your baby’s sleep uninterrupted from sunlight and streetlight.

Make sure that the curtains cover as much area as possible. More area they cover, the better. If you own this Nicetown soundproof curtain, will go from ceiling to floor as they are 96 inches long.

This budget version of Nicetown soundproof curtain will come for under $15.

Not only they are excellent at soundproofing, but also they will come in different colours which make them easy to match with your beautiful décor and furniture.

Soundproofing the walls using art panels

Well, if you know anything about soundproofing prior, then you would knew soundproof foams are the best to deaden any kind if noise.


Yeah! You read it right. That is basically two reasons:

  1. They would block every noise, even white noise. Which your baby need.
  2. They simply don’t look good in nursery

So, what can you do?

Soundproof art panels are a great alternative. Something like Scandia Moss ‘SM Panel’ from Amazon will be your best go. If you own them, you’ll have a kind of Northern Arctic vibes inside your baby’s room.

They’re such eco-friendly, easy to clean, maintain and install as well. Another best thing about these art panels is they come in different colours, so that you can choose the one which will suit your baby’s room the best.

It isn’t that hard. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be genius.

Get SNOO smart sleeper for your baby

Are you NOT interested in soundproofing the entire room?

Do you have enough money for your little angel?

Are you tired of reading all these and want a single and simple solution?

Then, this SNOO smart sleeper is for you.

SNOO Smart Sleeper

This is the excellent product you can ever buy for your baby. This bed is designed in such a way that your baby can have the sleep in the best way it can.

It involves advanced technology which involves soothing effect, white noise and what not? It even sings the same rhymes that your baby used to hear when in the mother’s womb.

  • ADDS MORE SLEEP: Boosts sleep 1-2+ hours by soothing babies with the constant rumble sound and gentle rocking they loved in the womb.
  • AUTOMATICALLY RESPONDS TO CRIES: “Hears” fussing and responds with gradually stronger white noise + motion to find the best level to calm fussing. Like your own personal helper, 24/7!
  • PREVENTS RISKY ROLLING: The only sleep solution that keeps your baby safely on the back, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.
  • EASY TO CUSTOMIZE: Our app logs your baby’s sleep and lets you adjust motion, sound and cry sensitivity. It also includes a preemie mode and weaning option to ease the transition to the crib

This bed is quite expensive, so it’s not for most people. But if you’re willing to invest a little extra so that both your baby and your entire family have excellent sleep during those first few months, it’s worth every penny

How will your baby hear you then?

Some parents complain that their baby’s room is not safe because they can’t hear the sound of the baby’s cry. Or if you’re far from your baby then how can you listen? But yeah! There are few baby monitoring machines in the market that will audio-only monitor your baby.

So, if you want to add some more budget to your little baby, you can put it by adding a baby monitoring machine, that will send you both audio and video of the baby. So, you can easily hear your baby’s cry.

While it’s absolutely fine to use the audio-only monitor. But it won’t give you the full picture. I mean, your baby could be crying for no particular reason, and you might be thinking there’s something wrong. Again in vice-versa, your baby really has a problem, but you can’t hear that.

I’m trying to convey you that depending completely on audio-only monitor can’t give you the complete information. So, here a video-monitor will be your best go.

Using this infant optics monitor which has over 30000 positive reviews ensures your baby’s safety but also your family won’t disturb your baby’s sleep by frequently coming in and out.

Spend time with your baby

It would be a remiss if I don’t mention this tip. It is the MUST follow.

We all love babies. There is no doubt in that. However, in this busy world, we are running for our career, money and busy with ourselves in general. If we don’t spend our time with our children, then it will not only lead to an unhealthy relationship but also they won’t value you as parents.


If the laundry room is causing the disturbance, then soundproofing laundry room will best as it will stop noise from laundry room from disturbing the whole home.

Final words on soundproofing Your baby’s room:

When coming to soundproofing your baby’s room or nursery, no expert skills nor genius mind is required. You just need to follow our as many methods as possible. Probably you won’t require all of them, depending upon the noise level.

If you’re on a tight budget, then sealing off any gaps and holes, beef up the door and using thick curtains will do the magic.

With that being said, I hope this article helped you and it’s your turn to give a try, Good luck for your soundproofing.

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