Fix Your Xbox Loud Fan Noise in 4 Easy Ways

Having an Xbox is such a good time! But as it often happens with gaming consoles, fans get noisy after a while. That can get in the way of your gaming experience because it takes you out of the immersion. However, there are easy ways to fix this. So, if your Xbox One fan is loud, continue reading.

Xbox fan noise can be disruptive. Not only because it affects your videogame experience, but also because it becomes bothersome for everyone in your home. Today, we will explain why Xbox fans are necessary, why they get so loud, and what you can do to solve this issue. Let’s get started!

Xbox Fan Loud Noise

Why Do We Need Xbox Fans?

When it comes to gaming consoles, fans are a must. Similar to other pieces of hardware, the Xbox has an expiration date. Every new generation of the console features improved graphics cards, better processing units, and more powerful fans. However, those components can’t be upgraded. 

The Xbox needs the fan to keep the internal temperature of the console low so the system can work as it should. If the temperature rises past a certain point, the Xbox would shut down. That’s why we need Xbox fans and it’s important to take good care of the console so they can last long. 

Since the console can render some of the best graphics, the Xbox’s GPU needs a ton of energy to function. More energy = more heat, which is why the cooling fans need to be there. They redirect the heat to the outside of the console, so they have a very important job. You can’t just take the fans away; if you do, the console won’t work. 

Why Is My Xbox So Loud?

If your Xbox One fan is loud, several things could be responsible for the noise. For one, many of these consoles have noisy fans right out of the gate. This is one of the biggest complaints people have about the Xbox. 

As such, Xbox fan noise is quite common. If your console is noisy right out of the box, that’s a manufacturing issue. This can also happen if your Xbox was mishandled and dropped during shipping.

If you have an older Xbox model and you’re playing demanding games, the Xbox fan noise will get louder and louder. That’s simply because the hardware is outdated and it’s struggling to handle newer games. 

Another common reason for Xbox fan noise is poor maintenance. If you don’t clean your gaming console regularly, dust and dirt build-up will cause Xbox fan noise. These issues aren’t just for xbox but for PS4 fan noise as well. Keeping up with Xbox maintenance is very important because it will help you extend the lifespan of the console. Not to mention, you’ll avoid issues like Xbox fan noise. 

4 Ways to Fix Your Loud Xbox Fan Noise

Before you try any of the solutions we have for you, you need to make sure it’s indeed an Xbox fan noise. Sometimes, the noise can come from the power supply unit or other components. So, you need to make sure the noise is coming from the cooling fans. 

The easiest way to check is to follow the direction of the noise. If that doesn’t help you identify the source, then what kind of noise is the Xbox making? If it’s a whirring or whooshing kind of noise, it is an Xbox fan noise. 

If the noise is electrical, like a buzzing kind of sound, it could be the power cable. If your Xbox is making more like a ticking sound, it could be that the fan blade is misaligned, so they are bumping against the surrounding surfaces. 

Once you’re sure that you are dealing with an Xbox fan noise, there are a few things you can do. We recommend you start with the basic solutions before you do something more laborious like opening the console. Sometimes, a good clean or moving the Xbox to another location will do the trick.  

Clean the Xbox Cooling Fan

One of the easiest solutions to Xbox fan noise is to clean the cooling fan. If the console is full of dust, it’s harder for the fan to cool the central processing unit. Unfortunately, the harder the fan has to work, the more dust will get into the console. That’s why maintenance is so important. 

We recommend you clean your cooling fans regularly, especially if your house is dusty. You can do that with a microfiber cloth and compressed air or an electric duster. You want to wipe the surface of the Xbox with a microfiber cloth. Drag the cloth in one direction to avoid pushing dust into the ports and dust grates. 

Once you’ve dusted the top and the sides of the Xbox, you should attach the smallest nozzle to the can of compressed air or electric duster. Keep the bursts of air short instead of continuous because you risk internal damage. Focus on the ports and openings of the console to get as much dust out of them as possible. 

This should be done twice a month as a part of maintenance. However, keep in mind the console will require a deeper clean every once in a while. More on that later!

Move Your Xbox to a Different Location

Another easy solution for Xbox fan noise is to move the console to a cooler location. If your gaming console is constantly overheating, it could be because the location is too hot. Heat buildup will lead the cooling fans to work overtime, so they will be louder for longer. 

If you’ve placed your Xbox console in a part of your room or house where ventilation is poor, moving it may solve the issue. You want to make sure the location of your Xbox is open so the console has proper ventilation all around. Make sure it’s on top of a shelf or table with proper air circulation and it should be fine. 

We recommend getting a wall-mounted shelf for your console. They are easy to install and it’s a good way to keep your console well ventilated. Another great option is to get an Xbox stand. Some of them feature built-in cooling fans, such as this one. This kind of stand will support the internal fans and help eliminate Xbox fan noise. 

Give Your Xbox a Deep Clean

Dusting your Xbox and keeping it in a well-ventilated space may be enough, but proper maintenance requires a bit more. You should give your Xbox a deep clean every other month to make sure it’s always in good shape. To do this, you want to turn off the Xbox and unplug it from the power supply. 

You’ll need a flat and clean surface to work on, so a clear table will be fine. The first thing you need to do is clean the console with a microfiber cloth and a dusting brush. Also, consider using a toothbrush to get the smaller and tighter areas. 

Once you do that, it’s time to open your console. Now, you must get familiar with this process. So, make sure to look for video guides for the same model you have. For example, here’s a video guide for Xbox One disassembly. 

Before you disassemble, read the instructions in case doing this will negate your warranty. If it does, you have to decide if you want to proceed. If you do want to continue, you’ll need an appropriate screwdriver. Gently pry the bottom tray off after taking out the screws. As you remove parts, you want to dust them off with a dusting brush and compressed air (short bursts only). 

During the Xbox deep clean, you should take the opportunity to check the parts for damage. Take apart the console layer by layer until you get to the fan. Dust it off well and then put the console back together. Make sure you find a good disassembly and assembly guide for your model and follow the steps carefully. 

Replace the Xbox Cooling Fan

If cleaning the fan and keeping it that way is not enough to eliminate Xbox fan noise, you can replace it with a silent cooling fan. You’ve opened the console and dusted the cooling fan, but you see there’s physical damage on the fan. If the blades are cracked or the fan is misaligned, you should consider replacing it. 

However, keep in mind that replacing an Xbox cooling fan is a bit more complicated than the other solutions we’ve seen so far. But that’s just because you have to find the right size for the cooling fan. According to tech experts, the Nexus 70mm Real Silent Case Fan is a good option to consider. 

They are not specifically made for Xbox, so you have to measure the Xbox fan and make sure you order the right size. Once you have the right cooling fan for your console, you can take out the original fan and place the new one in. After that, you’ll have to connect the wires and reassemble the console again. 

You need to make sure your new cooling fan is secured. Otherwise, it will tap against the surrounding surface and continue making noise. If there’s more wiggle room than you’d like, consider using rubber foam tape. Place it in the spots where the cooling fan comes in contact with other components so it will be quiet. 

Once again, we urge you to find a video guide or tutorial about cooling fan replacement for your console model. Get familiar with the process before you start to do anything. This way, you’ll make sure everything’s done correctly to eliminate Xbox fan noise and have a smoother console. 

How to Keep Your Xbox in Good Shape

Maintenance is very important when it comes to keeping your Xbox in good shape. Avoiding dust build-up should be our main priority because it will lead to Xbox fan noise. So, routine cleaning is essential to keep the console quiet and also make sure it lasts longer. 

To minimize dust build-up, make sure to keep the Xbox console in a well-ventilated area. Never place your Xbox on an enclosed shelf or entertainment unit. It will make it harder for the cooling fan to do its job and dust builds up quicker in closed spaces. So, make sure your Xbox has ventilation all around. 

The best thing you can do is get a wall-mounted shelf or an Xbox stand, as mentioned above. You can also use dust-proof covers to cover the Xbox while you’re not using it. These covers will block most ports, so it prevents dust build-up. 

Here’s a dust cover for Xbox One, but you’ll be able to find it for any other model. Just make sure you only use the dust cover when you’re not using the console. Otherwise, the cooling fan will suffer and the console may shut down or suffer damage. 

Preventing dust build-up is only half of the job. You will still need to dust the console every two months with a microfiber cloth and compressed air or an electric duster. A deeper clean where you take the console apart is also something you should do every once in a while, maybe 6 months or so. 

Needless to say, you should avoid common risks such as spilling liquids on the console, dropping it, etc. Taking good care of hardware allows it to last much longer and function properly, so make sure your console is always safe and clean.  

What NOT to Do With Your Xbox

When it comes to preventing or eliminating Xbox fan noise, it’s not uncommon to find some questionable advice. Two pieces of advice come to mind and they are truly detrimental to your console. So, whatever you do, DON’T try any of the following: 

Place Your Xbox in a Soundproof Box

If your Xbox One fan is loud, it may be tempting to place it in a soundproof box. After all, if you do that, the noise will be muffled and it won’t bother you at all. However, it will overheat the fan to the point that it will go into overdrive. 

Hot air needs to escape and building a box around the console will prevent that. Remember, the job of a cooling fan is to redirect that hot air. So, if the hot air doesn’t have anywhere to go, the console will overheat. 

If you care about your Xbox console, don’t put it in a box. Keep it in a well-ventilated area. If the Xbox fan noise is driving you crazy, try the solutions we’ve provided today. They are safe, easy to do, and they will effectively reduce or eliminate Xbox fan noise. 

Buy an External Cooling Device

Some people think that if you get an external cooling device to help the internal Xbox fan, that will solve the issue. However, that’s not the case. External cooling devices are not always effective and they also make noise on their own. So, instead of reducing Xbox fan noise, you’ll be increasing it. 

Early on, we recommended an Xbox stand with a built-in cooling fan because those devices are helpful. However, a separate external cooling device could be a waste of money. Even if the device does keep the console cooler, the Xbox fan is still the source of the noise. 

That means you should address the core issue. That’s the only way to reduce or eliminate Xbox fan noise. Adding an external cooling device won’t help you do that. There are far more effective solutions to try and we’ve discussed them here today. That and proper maintenance will keep your Xbox as quiet as a mouse. 

What If Your Xbox Noise Still Persists? 

If you’ve tried all these solutions and your Xbox is still noisy, there could be something more serious going on. If you’ve cleaned the cooling fan or replaced it but the Xbox still makes noise, maybe the fan isn’t the issue. That’s why we recommend you listen carefully and make sure the fan is the source of the noise before you do anything. 

Xbox loud noises can come from the fan, but they can also come from the disc drive or hard drive and other parts. So, make sure you listen closely and identify the kind of noise the console is making. This way, you will be able to pinpoint the issue. Of course, it’s always an option to simply take your console to a professional. 

If the noise is coming from the fan and you’ve already cleaned it, then it may need to be replaced. As mentioned before, you can do this yourself or take the console to a professional. If you decide to DIY, make sure to find tutorials for your specific console so you can get familiar with the process. 

Final Words

It’s not uncommon for Xbox consoles to make some noise. Xbox fan noise may be caused by a manufacturing issue, dust build-up, or damage. Either way, you will be able to take care of the problem and enjoy a quiet gaming console. We hope this guide was helpful and happy gaming!

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